BowHunter2015 New Mobile Hunting Game Coming from iEntertainment Network Inc.

Cary, NC, August 20th, 2014, - iEntertainment Network Inc., (symbol "IENT"), announces the release of a movie demo of IENT’s new mobile simulation game, BowHunter2015. This in BowHunter2015 movie demonstrates the excellent three dimensional (3D) hunting terrains of this new mobile game product. BowHunter2015 will break new ground in mobile hunting games with the ability for players to use realistic hunting techniques, including scents, calls, and other elements of real deer hunting to accomplish simulation missions using virtual representations of real Outdoors company’s products from BowHunter2015 Sponsors.

Players will also be able to enter online hunting challenges to win real outdoor products like actual bows, arrows, sights, and other bow hunting accessories from BowHunter2015 Sponsors. Source Outdoor Group, of Gainesville, Georgia, is working with IENT to insure the realities of deer hunting in the game, insure that sponsor products are displayed and operated properly, and that Sponsors get the maximum number of views and impressions from BowHunter2015. IENT estimates that impressions of the BowHunter 2015 Sponsor’s products and logos in BowHunter2015 will reach over 700 million views.

IENT will release new screenshots and new movies each month during the development process with a playable demo for mobile game reviewers expected in October. View the new BowHunter2015 movie here, BowHunter2015, and on the IENT FaceBook page.

IENT also operates the current online games, WarBirds 2013 and M4 Tank Brigade, which can be found on IENT websites including,, and

IENT is also developing two other Outdoors Unlimited Mobile Games including a Rifle Hunting game, and a Fishing game with great Outdoor Company sponsors to be released shortly after the BowHunter2015 product due for the SHOT show in January 2015.

For Information Contact:, JW (Bill) Stealey, Chairman, IENT
USA 1-919-238-4090

IENT Outdoors Unlimited New Online Outdoors Game in Testing for June Release!

CARY, N.C., Apr 10, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- iEntertainment Network Inc.,, announces that its new FREE to Play, Microtransaction Online game, Outdoors Unlimited, is being tested internally for launch for commercial play in June 2013. The initial Outdoors Unlimited product will launch with four target competition events for online players including Skeet, Trap, Rifle, and 3D Archery. Players will be able to view real outdoors Companies products including Shotguns, Rifles, and Archery products from some of the Leading Companies in the Outdoor industry. IENT intends to announce the initial in game Sponsors by May 1 to be included in the first launch of the product.

Outdoors Unlimited is a FREE to Play online game where players can participate in online competitions and gain recognition as expert marksmen among all players in daily and weekly high score contests to qualify for online Tournaments to win Real World Sponsor Prizes.

IENT generates revenues from Sponsor contracts for their product placement in the Outdoors Universe and from micro-transaction purchases by players. Players can buy upgrades, through micro-transactions, to their in game products including guns, bows, bullets, arrows, and over 750 other virtual outdoor products and accessories to earn, unlock, or purchase, from our many real world Sponsors.

IENT will gain online players through Sponsor contracts which require online Sponsors to promote the IENT Outdoors Unlimited product on their websites and in their social media to all the visitors to their websites and Facebook pages.

IENT will also link its in game virtual products directly to the Sponsors websites to encourage actual real product sales of Sponsors outdoors products.

IENT current operating online games, WarBirds 2013 and M4 Tank Brigade, can be found on IENT websites including,, and, and To sign up for the Outdoors Unlimited Beta go here: Beta Signup.

SOURCE: iEntertainment Network Inc.

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